INTUITION: Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom, by Paul Fenton-Smith

Not everyone will believe in the subject matter of this book. But those who are open to ideas will find much they can learn. This book covers around forty different topics which are associated with intuition, for example: techniques to centre yourself, psychic protection, seeing auras, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Fenton-Smith keeps a level-headed approach, unlike some of the more popular psychic books.

Intuition requires an enquiring mind, that can weigh and consider ideas without immediately accepting or rejecting them. That doesn’t mean everything should be accepted as factual or realistic. Only accept what fits with your inner thoughts after mental examination.

Fenton-Smith writes: “The deeper purpose of psychic development is to develop the soul (the psyche) to a point where it can recognise all those viable avenues for nourishment and development. These may include meditation, prayer, gratitude, humility and unity with fellow travellers on the path.

Well-developed spiritual reserves of energy are important when we are tested by dismal life circumstances. If we have plentiful reserves of spiritual energy we can rise above physical, emotional or intellectual frustrations.”

One of the topics I found interesting was about the future. People often go to psychics wanting to know the future, as if it were fixed. But it is not fixed, there are many points in your life where you have choices. The choices you make can lead to different futures, just like in the movie Back to the Future 2.

You have the power to make critical choices, and depending on your decisions your life can take vastly different directions. Of course we are rarely completely free to make these choices because of our past. Our decisions are influenced by how we were brought up, which schools we went to, which religion we were assigned to, who our parents were, which country we were born into, what social rules we absorbed, and most important of all, who our peers were. These factors shape our choices. Yet, there is an inner part of us that can override these external forces.

If it were not so, we would be automatons, living in determinism, unable to make changes in our life, like a train on its track.

Intuition is an interesting book, and just by reading it your mind will open to a bigger picture.

There are exercises in the book which assist a person to become more psychic, if that’s what they want. Some people seek to be more psychic for the wrong reasons, to gain power over others, or to use knowledge to circumvent difficult areas of their own life.

Psychic knowledge has to be used carefully. When we face difficult decisions in life, they are usually there for a purpose, something in ourselves has to change, grow, adapt, learn. Skipping over or around difficulties, will mean having to repeat the lessons.

Intuition is a worthwhile book for those interested in these topics, covering most aspects of spiritual growth, intuition, psychic skills, along with lessons to develop your abilities in these areas. There are no promises of great wealth arriving at your doorstep, but realistic lessons in developing your inner qualities.

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