– Hunters and Collectors –

I have most of the works of the classical composer, Sibelius. In fact, I have two or three different versions of most of his works. Last night I went to listen to his 5th symphony, and to my surprise I could only find one version. I knew I had another, but it must have been put into the wrong folder, perhaps with Shostakovich or Stevie Wonder. I put on my only mp3 version, and immediately found that it had been recorded from an LP record with a scratch on it. Rotation clicks could be heard: click, click, click. How damn annoying. This set me off to find another version, but none showed up on my PC. So then I started looking at music sites. Amazon, I found had many versions: different conductors, different orchestras, different countries, different decades. I was off hunting for the best version. I felt the thrill of the chase, which of the “best” versions would I capture? The reviews were a mishmash, I could not tell which was best. Should I buy all of them? I was actually listening to the music all the time I was searching, hunting. Then it occurred to me,  I had… Continue reading